Free stuff

FOOD – Canned fruit and vegetables, packaged goods, bread, desserts and other items. Fresh produce when available.

CLOTHING – A full range of clothing for men, women and children

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS – Pots, pans, tableware, sheets, blankets, towels and small appliances (when available).

TOILETRIES – Tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, razors and other personal items (subject to availability).

HAIR CARE – Shampooing and cutting when volunteers are available. Call to confirm days of service.

SHOWERS – Hot showers are available daily, with towels and soap provided.

FURNITURE REFERRALS –  A Computer listing of furniture and appliances is matched to a list of client needs.

JOB AND HOUSING REFERRALS – Internet access provides current listings through the State’s Job Connection program and housing listings are available.

UTILITY ASSISTANCE – Interfaith works with other agencies to assist in hardship cases when possible.

FIREWOOD – Clients who meet strict guidelines (single mothers, disabled and needy seniors) are invited to sign up annually for one-half cord of firewood. Click here for more details.

HEALTH CLINIC – The Sonora Regional Medical Center Health Clinic van visits on a regular basis every month – currently the service is on hold pending the recruitment of a driver. The normal schedule is the second Tuesday of each month between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Click the link for more details.

LEGAL SERVICES – Interfaith Legal Services is open every Friday to provide assistance with legal issues. Click here for more details.

PET CARE ASSISTANCE – Interfaith can help with some crucial pet care needs – legally required rabies vaccination; emergency diagnosis of health problems (but not treatment)

CHILDREN’S SEASONAL ITEMS – presents for the Christmas Season

CHILDREN’S SNACKS – food for the summer break.

MOTHERLODE JOB TRAINING – A representative from Motherlode Job Training visits monthly to share information on training.

VETERANS SERVICES – A representative visits monthly to share information.